Mentobo Partnership Opportunity

At Mentobo, we’re keen to build rewarding partnerships that bring direct value to our members. That's why we’re offering an exclusive partnership rate of $1250, significantly reduced from the usual $2500. This special offer is tailored for benefits, services, and products seeking direct integration into our dashboard, enhancing the seamless experience for our members.

By agreeing to provide a list of potential customers for collaborative marketing efforts and committing to send three targeted emails to your audience about our partnership, you can take advantage of this reduced rate. This cost not only covers the technical development needed for dashboard integration but also supports the marketing expenses related to asset creation, campaign execution, and distribution.


($2500 usual price)

$1250 an exclusive partnership rate

($2500 usual price)

Join Forces with Mentobo for Unparalleled Growth Opportunities

At Mentobo, our mission is to create a thriving ecosystem where professional and personal growth are in the forefront. We invite you to explore a unique partnership opportunity with us, designed to amplify your market presence and connect your top-tier benefits, products, and services with our highly engaged and growing audience. By leveraging the strengths of our platform, we aim to achieve mutual success, nurturing lasting relationships that deliver direct value to our members and partners alike.

Partnership Benefits:

Expanded Market Access:

Connect with Mentobo's extensive audience, including 2 million potential buyers and 700k active subscribers, broadening your customer reach.

Educational Webinar Hosting:

As part of our partnership, you will have the opportunity to host one free informational webinar per month to showcase your services in a Q&A format, with a list of attendees provided post-event for follow-up.

Marketing Support:

Take advantage of Mentobo's marketing infrastructure with targeted email campaigns, shared marketing resources, and promotional efforts to highlight our partnership.

Technical Collaboration:

We will work closely with your team to ensure smooth integration and deployment of your services within our ecosystem. Please share any API or technological requirements necessary for integration.

Expanded Market Access:

Benefit from co-branded landing pages, tailored to integrate seamlessly with Mentobo's aesthetic and provide a cohesive user experience for members directed to your services.

Expanded Market Access:

Your services will be integrated into Mentobo's bespoke dashboard, making them readily accessible to our members.

Partnership Requirements:

To ensure a successful and synergistic partnership, the following requirements must be met:

List of Potential Customers:

Provide a list of potential customers we can jointly target through marketing efforts.

Contract Documentation:

Submit a copy of the partnership contract for review and mutual agreement.

Technical Specifications:

Share detailed technical specs necessary for integrating your services with Mentobo's dashboard.

Service Descriptions:

Provide comprehensive descriptions of the products, benefits, and services being offered to Mentobo's members.

Branding Assets:

Supply logo or branded assets for co-branded landing page development, ensuring a unified brand experience.

Product or Service Briefs:

Include a brief description for each product, benefit, or service to be featured, enabling clear and effective communication to our members.

Technical Collaboration & ROI:

We seek transparent and mutually beneficial financial arrangements with our partners. Please include proposed ROI percentages and any revenue-sharing models you envision as part of our collaboration. Our goal is to create a partnership that not only drives value for our members but also ensures sustainable growth and returns for both parties.

Join the Mentobo Partnership Program

Elevate your business and join a community dedicated to empowerment and growth.

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