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Identity Theft Solutions

A comprehensive identity theft solution, customized for you.

As a member of the United Family Association, you now have access to Senior ID Protect! A holistic identity theft solution, customized for you.

Your exclusive membership benefit not only includes best-in-class Fully Managed Recovery, but also a comprehensive suite of identity monitoring solutions, including Dark Web Internet Monitoring! Did you know that there has been a significant increase in phishing attacks over the last several months? Dark Web Internet Monitoring is a proactive monitoring solution that searches for compromised information across the surface, deep and dark web. The UFA shares your concerns about the increased risk of identity theft during the COVID-19 pandemic and have included Dark Web Internet Monitoring in our benefit so you can be alerted if any of the information you provided is compromised. This gives you a heads up so that you can swiftly respond to the threat! Our dedicated advocates are also here to help!

Additional member benefits are include:

  • Social Security Monitoring
  • Address Monitoring
  • Criminal Records Monitoring
  • Mobile Phone Protection
  • And more!

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