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Your Strength Is In Your Passion

Robert “Fireman Rob” Verhelst is an author, professional speaker, thought leader and philanthropist. He is driven by the mantra of “your strength is in your passion”. Without this passion and inspiration we all struggle to find true success in life.

His mission to inspire people to “Live your passion” started in 2011 when he did Ironman Wisconsin, which landed on the 10th anniversary of 9/11. He did it differently than most though, and for the purpose of honoring those who lost their lives and those who responded. He did the 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike then donned my full firefighter gear (helmet, bunker pants, jacket, and air pack) for the 26.2 mile run. Finishing the race at 16 hours and 17 minutes and igniting an insatiable drive to inspire others to find their passions and LIVE!

This book delivers the impactful message of Fireman Rob's journey in 2011-12.

Robert Verhelst

Fireman Rob is a dynamic storyteller with a unique, iconic story that brings your audience to life.  He continues inspiring the global community through his work as Fireman Rob, where he speaks, delivers trainings, competes in Ironman races in 50 lbs. of firefighter gear, breaks World Records, and delivers bears to children in hospitals throughout the globe.

As an impact leader and in demand speaker/trainer, Fireman Rob impacts lives  throughout the world through truly living and emphatically believing that there are no challenges or fears that cannot be overcome with the power of purpose and  a strong mindset.  His clients range from Fortune companies to community groups to colleges with notables including 3M, US Bank, Southwest Airlines, ATF, Timex, USA Triathlon and Kraft.

It is the stories that connect Fireman Rob to the audience, allowing for a unique, genuine, and down-to-earth presentation.  Driven by a desire to impact positive action in lives, “Fireman Rob” delivers an engaging presentation built on overcoming adversity, validated under fire, and challenges each person to discover their purpose.  His approach to purpose driven success pushes the uncomfortable, unknown limits of you and reveals simple, effective strategies that anyone can use to build mental strength, lead an “action based” lifestyle and become a better leader.

He is a normal guy with an extraordinary ability to push the envelope of what is possible, and then relate it to others to do it in their own lives.