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Work Life Balance Emergency Kit

In this 34-lesson program, you will learn how to effectively apply each lesson through examples and stories included within each lesson so you can achieve your goals personal and professional. You will have thought-provoking exercises to complete at the end of each chapter which will help you formulate action plans that you will implement for even greater professional and personal success. You will experience interesting and fun ways to view each of the concepts throughout the entire course. You will enjoy this systematic approach to creating a totally balanced and great quality of life. This 34-lesson manual is ideal for entrepreneurs and small business owners in all industries. This program manual is designed for those people who want to dramatically increase their productivity, focus, and effectiveness to achieve the professional and personal goals they desire so they can experience what is truly important to them in life.

Anne Bachrach 

Anne Bachrach is President of A.M. Enterprises in San Diego, CA. Anne has over 23 years of experience training and coaching. Business professionals who utilize her proven systems make more money, work less, and enjoy a more balanced and successful life. She believes that personal accountability is the single most powerful tool to help professionals improve their businesses and overall quality of life. Having someone to answer to on a regular basis about your progress is a powerful motivator. Her fresh approach to business is a much-needed change for stagnant businesses.