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Turn Possibilities into Realities: Experts Bridge the Gap from a What If... Into a What Is

Women in Business and Economics go hand in hand with Leadership. They are the keys that allow today’s savvy women in business to turn possibilities into realities.

Today's professional woman must be tenacious, courageous, insightful, and willing to step into a leadership role. Cultural trends, dreams, and fears do not stand in the way of the woman who has succinctly defined success on her terms and has embraced the challenge of being a leader in all the roles of her life.

This carefully hand-picked group of contributors present a collective of philosophies and unique and personal strategies to stand in a leadership position…guiding and directing others to see and live in the world from a renewed standpoint of possibility. Women and men who seek to better understand the lives of women leaders will benefit from this book.


I had read Lisa’s Connection; The new Currency, and that book made incredible positive changes in my way of maintaining relationships. When I held Lisa’s new book, I remember thinking, there’s no way it can be better. Was I wrong! The new book is as eloquent as the first book, with much more insight into seeking your goals." ~Wilson Alvarez

"I have known Lisa Marie for years and she has always taught about and coached about turning possibilities into realities. She is always an upside thinker and teaches her students and friends to be that way as well. Turn Possibilities into Realities: How to Bridge the Gap from a What If... Into a What Is just follows in that path of upside thinking. The book is filled with amazing stories of people turning their possibilities into realities. The chapters are fun and engaging and most of all filled with hope. Lisa Marie knocked it out of the park on this book." ~Michele Broad NP-C, Owner Well Women Network

"In my business I teach moms to dream and act on their God-given dreams even while bringing up a baby. This book with its copulation of stores will inspire women to truly go for it, realizing there have been so many before that were scared but pursued dreams anyway. It is an inspiring must-read for anyone who wonders if dreams and goals can truly merge into something special." ~Dixie McDaniel de Andrade, Envision Possibilities

Lisa Marie Platske

Lisa Marie Platske left her action-packed life as a Federal law enforcement officer to become CEO of an international leadership training and consulting company, Upside Thinking, Inc.

An award-winning leadership expert, Lisa Marie creates effective leaders. She takes her law enforcement journey, which began on the piers of New York and ended post 9/11, and shares with you what exceptional leaders do differently, why connection is the new currency, and how to position yourself strategically for big opportunities.

A certified master coach, Lisa Marie has worked with multimillion-dollar entrepreneurs, non-profit leaders, and start-ups from three continents and in 20+ different industries, on how to position themselves as experts in their fields. Her proven success strategies have resulted in her clients getting six-figure opportunities, tripling their income, securing bonuses and promotions, and finding up to 21 extra hours in each workweek.

The author of Designing Your Destiny and Connection: The New Currency, Lisa Marie lives in Alexandria, Virginia with her loving and supportive husband, Jim.