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The High Achiever's Guide: Transform Your Success Mindset and Begin the Quest to Fulfillment

If you’re successful but feeling stuck, restless, or unfulfilled, this guide can help you figure out what you really want and how to get it.

Does your life look great on paper, but it’s just not enough? You’re making money, have a career and lifestyle that you thought you always wanted, but now you’re there and it’s not all you expected it to be. The High Achiever’s Guide shows you how to get out of that rut, find your purpose, and get that something more that you are searching for.

You have the power to rewrite the way you think and operate so that you can pursue what matters most. In this book you will get the tools, techniques, and encouragement needed to create a meaningful life that you love.

The High Achiever’s Guide can help you:

  • Discover what isn’t working in your life and define what you truly want
  • Rewrite your mental programming with intention
  • Go after what you want with confidence
  • Update your mindset model from traditional success to deeply personal fulfillment
  • Experience authentic happiness

A former corporate career professional, Maki Moussavi knows firsthand how it feels to be stuck in the rut of conventional success. Her early life was filled with messages of working hard, chasing the dream, and making money. After creating the “success” that she’d been taught to value, she found herself questioning how she ended up feeling stuck, restless, and unfulfilled. Through a journey of self-examination, she learned how to find her purpose and experience authentic happiness.

Maki Moussavi

Maki Moussavi is a corporate career veteran with a Master’s degree in Genetic Counseling who left the glory of societally-defined success to become a transformational coach and motivational speaker. Over the last several years, she has focused on personal development and how to help people create fundamental change in the pursuit of fulfillment.

Maki has a passion for helping people see their true potential and supporting their journey to raising the bar for their lives. She has found that high-achieving people are especially susceptible to feeling stuck and need accountability and support to make the necessary changes to lead an empowered and fulfilling life. Her ability to break down complex concepts into accessible and actionable information was the backbone of her corporate achievements and is a critical component of her coaching and thought leadership today.

Maki teaches the process she has created to jumpstart rapid and lasting transformation, using the wisdom and knowledge gained through her education, experience, and her own journey from being stuck to being aligned.