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Succeed Without Selling: The More You Think About Selling, the Less You Will Sell

Throughout Succeed Without Selling, Diane Helbig shares not only a philosophy of what actually works in the 21st century but provides tactical ideas and templates so salespeople can start immediately. Being successful at sales has nothing to do with "selling". The best salespeople are the ones who are curious, not closing. Succeed Without Selling contains everything a small business owner or sales professional needs to know about what it takes to be successful. From prospecting to discovery to referrals and strategic alliances, it's all covered. There are even chapters for sales managers, direct sellers, and service providers.

Within Succeed Without Selling, there are resources, like sample scripts and proposal templates, in the back of the book. Anyone who wants to grow their business will find actionable, easy-to-follow information to help them embrace the value of being more interested in others than in making the sale. Succeed Without Selling changes the way readers look at the sales process forever and stops them from engaging in behaviors that just don't work.

Diane Helbig

With more than 20 years of experience in small business management and sales, Diane Helbig is a resourceful mentor who has been advising small business owners and sales professionals to operate more constructively and profitably, helping them develop their own personalized and effective strategies. No two businesses are the same, nor should their processes be. Whether you are working hard but feeling like you aren’t getting anywhere, would like someone you can talk with confidentially about your business, systems, processes, or accountability, or would like a better understanding of what is required to build and maintain a successful business Diane is the advisor you can rely on.