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Now Listen: 21 Habits to Better Listen to Yourself, Each Other, and the World

NOW LISTEN is a guidebook on the far-reaching effects of intentional listening and offers an array of inquisitive prompts that invite the reader to pause, ponder, and take action. This new book encourages listening as a personal practice in an engaging and topical way. The more you practice listening to connect with each other and hearing what each other cares about, the more you learn about each other. It is timely that this book acts as an invitation to slow down, drop down, and calm down. It’s a chance to leave shift the frenetic and hectic cadences of today, to press pause, and enjoy the array of playful and meaningful nudges on each page.

This book acts as a personal journal, with well-crafted anecdotes, quotes, and questions. Try out fresh ideas or timeless principles. Notice how your present awareness and future existence shift in subtle or dramatic ways.

Aileen Gibb

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