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Lead Together: The Bold, Brave, Intentional Path to Scaling Your Business

It’s time we started building businesses differently. Despite the advent of disruptive technologies that have upended the business landscape, the structure of most companies remains largely unchanged, with traditional top-down leadership still the norm. Couldn’t there be a better way to organize work that reflects our modern world—one with nimble, invested leaders rather than disengaged, disinterested employees? The answer is yes! In Lead Together, authors Brent Lowe, Susan Basterfield and Travis Marsh offer founders, CEOs and other leaders a radical new way of working and scaling a business.

Lead Together teaches you key principles and proven methods to transform models of top-down leadership into dynamic human systems of shared responsibility and accountability, through the concepts of self-organizing and self-management. You’ll hear from the leaders of more than sixty scaling businesses at the vanguard of this movement about the on-the-ground challenges and rewards of adopting a new paradigm for work. Warning: this path is not for the faint of heart! It is a radical approach to scaling your business—bold, brave and intentional. It involves commitment and persistence, experimentation and an appetite for change. As company founders themselves with more than fifty years of combined experience as coaches and catalysts to scaling businesses, Lowe, Basterfield and Marsh have helped countless founders and leaders like you unleash the human potential of their teams to create organizations that lead together. Are you ready to take the leap?

Brent Lowe 

I’m in the business of seeing potential in people and teams. I started early. At the age of 18, I saw untapped potential in four young and undiscovered vocalists. I worked with them to launch their music career. Six years later they were multiple award winners. Their music was top of the national charts. They toured internationally. They also starred in a major motion picture. Along the way we launched a fully funded record label with one of the world’s largest music distributors. What a wild ride! My next adventure began when I saw great promise in a talented marketing specialist.

Working together over four years we grew an event marketing company to national prominence. The company continues to serve some of the largest and most notable consumer brands in the world. I went on to join the senior leadership teams of three early-stage and growing companies (Redknee, Achievers, Bullfrog Power). I helped those teams double revenues, integrate acquisitions, launch new businesses, and expand internationally. My education includes a Bachelor in Engineering & Management; an MBA; an MA in Counseling Psychology; and a certificate in Small & Medium-Sized Enterprise Board Effectiveness.