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Invest Like the Best: The Low-Risk Road to High Returns

The best practices of the most successful investors—with winning track records that span decades—can be clearly defined, easily understood, and simply measured in real time. But, very few people take the time to understand and follow them. After nearly forty years as an analyst, trader, and investor, Chris Belchamber reveals the most common pitfalls, barriers, habits, and beliefs that can send investors in the wrong direction, with sometimes devastating consequences. Learn how to recognize and avoid these issues in your own investing as you discover more than twenty best investor Insights” and find the real relationship between risk and return. Transform your own results and experience as you learn from the greatest minds of investing history.

Chris Chetwode Belchamber

Chris Belchamber holds a Math MA from Oxford University. He has been an investment professional since 1984. His first investment book was published by Credit Suisse First Boston in 1988. He was recruited by JPMorgan in 1989 to run their UK Sterling Bond Sales and Trading and then focused on Proprietary Trading, where he was promoted to Managing Director. He presented JPMorgan's UK Bond Market's development paper, endorsed by Margeret Thatcher, to the Bank of England in 1989. In 2003, he started his RIA in the US. He enjoys music, reading, writing, and almost any sport, and is currently an active golfer.