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How to Reduce Stress with the Emotional Management Method

Do you happen to experience stress, annoyance or a lack of energy? Perhaps you've accumulated so many emotions that you've stopped being able to deal with them. In fact, our natural state is the state of a small child who takes life enthusiastically and resolves all emotional issues in 5 minutes to get back to play quickly and have more fun. As adults, we become more and more looped in different emotions, and thus we can’t use our creative potential in our work and everyday life. If you look at successful people, you will discover that they are great masters of their own emotions and still maintain the enthusiasm of a small child.

This book is for those who work under stress and often under huge responsibility for their decisions. Also for those who would like to gain more clarity about what they want, and at the same time without falling into extreme emotions. It’s also a book for those who would like to understand their emotions better and use this knowledge to build successful personal and professional relationships.

Patryk & Kasia Wezowski

Kasia Wezowski - Business Strategist, Author, Founder of the Center For Body Language. Kasia is an optimist, and always finds a creative solution for everything. She believes that successful people usually do what others do only sometimes. She has three Masters' degrees: psychology, sociology and law. She loves to put theoretical knowledge into practice, running her own companies, training and advising on company strategy for 10 years. Kasia has done over 3000 hours of coaching and trained for many Fortune 500 companies. She loves to inspire people. She has written three books and authored techniques and methods in coping with stress, conflict resolution, creative solutions, effective communication and sales strategies.

Patryk Wezowski - Entrepreneur, Speaker, Founder of the Center For Body Language Patryk is a visionary thinker with original ideas and the drive to see them through. He has a multi-disciplinary approach and a vast knowledge of non-verbal communication, psychology, sales, and internet marketing. He can make any start-up company profitable within six months. Patryk has an amazing ability to read and accurately interpret body language signals. He is also a great speaker. This is the reason why the media ask him to analyse behaviour of politicians and famous people. Patryk also likes to inspire people and is often invited to present to large audiences.