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Healing Depression without Medication: A Psychiatrist's Guide to Balancing Mind, Body, and Soul

What if everything we thought we knew about depression—and how to heal from it—was wrong?Many antidepressants—the first line in our standard of care for treating depression—bring with them potential health risks, yet 1 in 6 Americans takes medication to alleviate feeling sad, anxious, stuck, or unable to focus or sleep. More and more, conventional medicine pathologizes how we respond to life’s challenges—like feeling trapped in an unfulfilling job, grieving the death of a loved one, or being anxious about a bad relationship—telling us that they’re symptoms of disease.

Psychiatrist Jodie Skillicorn presents a new path, debunking the myth of the neurochemical imbalance and exploring the roots of depression, such as adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and poorly managed day-to-day stress. Evidence-based and fully supported by current depression research, Dr. Skillicorn’s holistic methods for beating depression—including nutrition, mindfulness, fostering meaningful connections, exercise, sleep, nature, and breathwork—empower readers to become agents of their own wholeness and healing.

Jodie Skillicorn 

Jodie Skillicorn, DO, ABIHM is a holistic psychiatrist who believes strongly in the body’s innate healing powers. In her practice, she combines mindfulness based psychotherapy with a variety of complementary modalities that assist the healing process. These may include mindfulness, breath-work, yoga, energy psychology, energy medicine, guided imagery, biofeedback, exercise, EMDR, hypnotherapy, auricular acupuncture, nutrition and supplements. She tailors techniques based on the needs and interests of her patients. She continually seeks to learn about additional modalities through research and training opportunities that serve to enhance the healing process.