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Effective Sales Enablement: Achieve sales growth through collaborative sales and marketing

Sales enablement is a proven system for increasing revenue and productivity by creating integrated content, training and coaching for the sales function.

Written from a marketer's perspective, Effective Sales Enablement goes beyond sales training and development. Pam Didner presents fresh thinking and creative approaches to improve sales enablement strategies, processes and programmes. Using case studies and examples from well-known brands such as Cisco, Oracle and Google, she provides a blueprint for any organization wanting to create a sales enablement function which will, in turn, accelerate revenue growth.

Effective Sales Enablement shows you how to:

  • Understand trends that impact sales professionals and how to take advantage of them
  • Become a better marketer with creative ideas on how to support sales
  • Integrate sales elements into select marketing programmes - and vice versa
  • Assemble a first-class sales enablement team
  • Leverage technology to better integrate sales and marketing

Pam Didner

Pam Didner has been in the tech and information technology (IT) segments for over 20 years with experience in Marketing, Sales Enablement, Strategic Planning, Finance, Product Development and Operations.

Being on the corporate side for a long time, she understands how MNCs (Multinational Companies, Global Enterprises, and B2B companies) work, especially managing the intricacies and delicate relationships among business units (product teams), headquarters (corporate) and geographies (regions and countries).

With a wide array of experience from operations, manufacturing, to marketing, she has the ability to synthesize clients' challenges, bring clarity to the issues and craft actionable recommendations with templates, processes, and workflows.

Her experience also taught her to think strategically and then translate the big picture into actionable plans and tactics which have been a great help to a diverse clientele.

Industry Familiarity

  • Tech. Information Technology (IT), Manufacturing. Hardware. Software. SaaS (Software as a Service)

Technical knowledge

  • A proficient understanding of AI, Cloud, Datacenter, DevOps, Big Data, and more.

Functional expertise

  • Fully comprehend B2B and B2B2C marketing, the purchase funnel, and sales stages. Experience in digital (online) marketing, messaging/positioning, content/editorial planning, demand generation, content marketing, marketing campaigns, sales enablement, and sales/marketing alignment. Firm grasp of social media, sales tech, and martech (marketing technology) trends.

Skill Sets

  • Strategic Planning - Ability to lead a team and provide strategic guidance to enterprise clients to address sales and go-to-market (GTM) challenges.
  • Actionable Deliverables - Develop methodologies and frameworks to guide clients; planning and implementation efforts.
  • Facilitation - Lead planning and brainstorming sessions to drive consensus among different teams.
  • Coaching - Craft clients' marketing plan and sales enablement strategy through private 1:1 sessions.
  • Content Creation - Write with authority and expertise on topics such as AI, Cloud, Datacenter, DevOps, Big Data, and more.

Pam can help you with️:

  • Connecting Sales and Marketing to Engage Global Audiences.
  • Creating a global and scalable marketing strategy with proven methodology and templates
  • Developing actionable toolkits to help you break down silos to enable sales efforts
  • Establishing a communications process using recommended platforms
  • Articulating roles and responsibilities through documented workflows

Working With B2B and B2B2C Sales and Marketing Teams To Help them Excel

In addition to the above, Pam speaks at conferences and corporate events. She customize keynotes and workshops for you and your attendees.

Pam Didner | | 503-610-8009