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Deeply Rooted: Tools for Overcoming the Hardships of Life

Deeply Rooted is for everyone to develop a strong, intentional, intimate relationship with themselves in order to make it through the hardships of life. Through this powerful reading, we learn how to embrace any past negative experiences and trust that they have all come to help deepen your foundation while on this life journey. By using these tools addressed in each chapter, we learn how to create a stronger foundation, and therefore, able to live a healthier, more joyful life.

Yara S. Artis

Born and raised on the west side of Chicago, Yara Artis is a Master's Level Clinical Mental Health Graduate from Concordia University Chicago and an SIUC Alumni. Currently, she is enrolled in North Central University Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology, specializing in Trauma & Disaster Relief. She now works in the Counseling Field and has dedicated her life to transforming her trauma into purpose. Within her first book, Deeply Rooted, you take an intimate walk with her as she highlights the tools to develop resilience and maintain success. This newly found power fuels her drive and lights the path for others.