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Beyond Mindset : The Meditation Blueprint to Breaking Free from Stress

Beyond Mindset awakens you to who you really are, beginning with a progressive journey through the steps on the Blueprint of Human Potential and eventually leading to pure consciousness—your true nature—which is filled with infinite love, peace, joy, and bliss.

Virna has over two decades of experience in the wellness field, she worked for multi-billion dollar corporations directing wellness programs. In 2009, She was living the American Dream but found herself battling a deep depression. She was hesitant about trying meditation at first, but on her very first meditation, she had a powerful meditation experience. Six months after that, she was completely depression-free. She went to study under some of the brightest lights in the meditation universe, including Deepak Chopra.

Along this path, she founded Energia Wellness and has been teaching her clients personalized Beyond Mindset meditation practice which helps them break free of stress and conditioned behavior patterns that limit their potential.In this book, you will experience Virna's program first hand and be able to start reaping the benefits today!

Virna Lichter

Virna Lichter is a certified Meditation Coach and the creator of Beyond Mindset, a self-development, and meditation mentorship program. She is the CEO and founder of Energia Wellness, established in Tampa, Florida, in 2013.

Virna has a bachelor’s degree in Physical Education and more than two decades of experience in the wellness field. She is an ACE-Certified Personal Trainer, a Weight Loss, Sports Conditioning, and a Fitness Nutrition Specialist.

She launched her career as a wellness director at multi-billion-dollar corporations such as Transamerica, TECO Energy, and Verizon.

Her vision is to empower her clients to use effective tools to reduce stress and improve health and clarity so that they can fulfill their spiritual longing and leverage their influence to make a lasting impact on the world.

Virna has been featured on Thrive Global, Authority Magazine, Fast Company, Radio Talk Business, Eat This, Not That, and MyFitness Pal.