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Asking Great Questions: An Essential Companion for Every Leader

This book contains over 1500 provocative statements and related questions to inspire you to step into leadership conversations. It will kick start conversation with your team, or in one-to-one conversations. The questions are also designed for self-reflection as a leader (perhaps it's most powerful purpose). Arranged under alphabetical topics, you can flick through this book and quickly find a question that relates to whatever situation you find yourself in. A question that will make your think and invite you to look at your situation from a different perspective. An recommended every-day resource for leaders everywhere - especially those building conversation cultures in their company.

Aileen Gibb

Are you waiting to step beyond your known horizons and unleash new possibilities in your life and leadership? Wait no longer. With meaningful coaching conversations, I'll inspire you to: Dream Big - envision what's possible for you, your team, your business or your life and turn it into real action that moves you towards realising your dreams. Live Fully - life, work, family, friends, health and wellness are all part of creating the life you want. Explore healthier, happier and more fulfilling aspects of life that support your success. Lead Boldly - find and use your own inner leadership voice to positively influence the world around you. I work with executives, entrepreneurs, newly promoted leaders, independent coaches and consultants, and those of you who find yourself at a crossroads in life or work, ready to chart a new path forward. You know you need a nudge to find your direction. You know there’s another future waiting for you. Let's make it happen together.