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Health Share by Zion Health

A healthshare program provides hospitalization and out-patient surgery benefits, along with telemedicine and other benefits, through a healthshare plan. The individual may choose any hospital through a healthshare plan, which has an unlimited annual payout for a hospital stay or out-patient surgery. The member responsibility portion or Initial Unsharable Amount (IUA), (like a deductible), has three levels: $1,000, $2,500, or $5,000. The plan also includes a Patient Advocacy program, which works with the provider to obtain special reduced pricing. Can’t pay the IUA up front? Most every provider will work out a payment schedule over time.

Rather than paying for massive coverage, thus making it unaffordable, this program provides an avenue to give some coverage, in the event of a catastrophic event.

What is a healthshare program?

A healthshare program is a member-based fellowships where like-minded people exercise their right to take charge of their own healthcare. These types of programs have been around for about 40 years and have many millions of participants. In health sharing, monthly share contributions are used to help pay for other members medical expenses.

IUA Outline

The Initial Unsharable Amount (IUA) for each member’s medical need is the responsibility of member. All qualified medical expenses after IUA is met are shareable with the Zion Health community at 100% and without an annual or lifetime limit. IUA is a per incident event.

Pre-existing condition phased in period

Another benefit to the healthshare program is that coverage is guaranteed acceptance, which means if you have a previous health condition, you may still be eligible for coverage. However, that particular condition may not be shareable immediately, but other events/conditions which are non-related to a pre-existing condition would be covered immediately. Please see below:

Pre-existing conditions have a waiting or phase in period. Zion Health attempts to negotiate all medical bills received and many membership types include the PHCS network for pre-negotiated medical expenses.

  • 1st Year of Membership – Waiting period of all pre-existing conditions
  • 2nd Year of Membership – Up to $25,000 of sharing for pre-existing conditions
  • 3rd Year of Membership – Up to $50,000 of sharing for pre-existing conditions
  • 4th Year of Membership and Beyond – Up to $125,000 of sharing for pre-existing conditions per year

Exceptions For High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol & Diabetes

High blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes (type 1 & 2) will not be considered a pre-existing condition as long as they have not been hospitalized for the condition in the past 12 months and able to control through medication or diet.

A large part of the appeal of healthcare sharing programs is that they are much less expensive than traditional health insurance.

The healthshare program offered is a medical cost sharing program that helps individuals and families address the challenges of escalating health care costs and soaring insurance premiums. It is not insurance, but an alternative where members share in each other’s medical needs. The healthshare company collects the member monthly contribution amounts and pays the providers directly, minus any applicable IUA. The IUA is applicable for each medical event per year. Members voluntarily submit contributions to the program on a monthly basis in order to maintain eligibility for sharing of medical needs and to help share in the needs of others.

Also Includes:

  • Telemedicine. Access to physicians 24/7 via telephone with no co-payments.
  • MRI/CT Scans and Imaging discounts. Up to 70% savings.
  • Lab Test discounts. Up to 70% savings.
  • Prescription discount card for up to 80% savings. Visit to check out drug pricing and participating pharmacies.
  • For further information, please go to


  • Must agree to Terms and Conditions of Zion Healthshare
  • Initial Unshareable Amount (IUA) is per occurrence per year.

Ages Accepted: 18 – 64

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