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Drug Plan

A valuable prescription plan available to accommodate most prescription situations at a substantially reduced rate.

The BestChoiceRx plan allows an individual to receive over 330 of the most commonly prescribed drugs, for either $1, or for NOTHING!

For ongoing brand name prescriptions, plus other cost saving benefits, all included under one plan:

  1. Discount Card: Provides a savings on drugs at up to a 80% discounted rate.
  2. International Pharmacy: Offers lower pricing for name-brand medications. In many cases, one third of the retail price. Great for those who are on regular maintenance drugs.
  3. Prescription Assistance: Works with pharmaceutical manufacturers, foundations, government and non-government entities to assist financially needs based individuals to pay for medication. The result provides drugs either at no cost, or a substantially reduced rate.
  4. Diabetic Supplies: Discount on diabetic supplies. If someone is unable to afford insulin or diabetic prescriptions, then they may work with the Prescription Assistance portion.
  5. Rx Valet for Pets:
  6. Rx for Pets Basic: Pet medication discount site will be linked to the site. Members will have access at no charge in order to receive discounts on medication for all pets in household.

Antibiotics - UTI

Cold - Mental Health

Mental Health - Women's Health

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