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Healthcare Navigator

When you have time to make an informed decision about where to receive medical care, our navigation service makes sure that you pick the best option for your budget and preferences.

Our patient advocacy service can help you:

  • Compare pricing for physician, hospital, or medical specialist:
  • Physician or medical specialist: Will assist Members in locating a physician, as well as make appointments, transfer records and get cost estimates for services.
  • Hospital, surgical center, or medical facility: A price, quality and availability comparison report for up to 5 area healthcare facilities including information about the initial hospital/facility the Member, or their family member, was being referred to for the surgical procedure.
  • Obtain cost comparisons for Prescription drugs, MRI’s, Lab work and Imaging Services along with providing availability and possible rates for services.
  • Help with scheduling appointments for doctors and other procedures.
  • Transferring medical records - Please note the member is responsible for any cost
    related to this request.

Bill Negotiator

Have a huge ER bill? Or maybe you were stuck with an out-of-network bill that’s more than you can afford. No matter the situation, our Point Health Patient Advocates can step in to help you negotiate your bill and guide you out of a tough situation.

  • Contact your Patient Advocate and give them your bill information.
  • The Patient Advocate works to reduce your bill through programs, discounts, payment plans, and more.
  • On average, we’ve provided out-of-pocket savings between 40-70%!

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