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Accident Medical Expense(AME) Benefit

Based on the membership you choose, the Association membership may provide members with access to supplemental Group Accident Only Insurance benefits. Having supplemental insurance can help in the event of an unexpected accident.

The Accident Medical Expense benefit pays for covered charges resulting from a Covered Accident. The first treatment or service must occur within 60 days of the Covered Accident and all and all subsequent treatments must be incurred within 12 months of the Covered Accident.

Maximum Amount per covered Accident


Deductible per Covered Accident


Initial Treatment Period

60 Days

Benefit Period

12 Months

Covered Charges

After the Deductible has been satisfied, this benefit will pay the Benefit Percent of incurred Covered Charges which are in excess of the total benefits payable for the same Injury by any Other insurance you may have.

You will receive up to the maximum amount for medical charges due to an accident for a covered injury. Covered charges include Hospital Room and Board, General Nursing Care, Doctor Fees for Surgery, Anesthesia services and more.

There is a $100 deductible per covered accident. (The Accident Medical Expense Benefit does not pay for re injury or complications of an injury caused or contributed to by a condition that existed before the Accident.)

Accident insurance benefits help you prepare for the unexpected and provide an affordable way for individuals and families to be protected from the extra expenses that can come due to an accident. Having access to benefits and resources to assist with unforeseen expenses can help ease the burden; and this is where Accident insurance benefits can help.

Key advantages include:

  • Minimize out-of-pocket health care expenses specifically related to a covered accident
  • Provide cash benefits towards medical services related to a covered accident after a $100 deductible
  • Protect finances while dealing with covered accidents (on specific memberships ONLY)
  • Provide just the right amount of benefits at an affordable price

*See Disclosures and Terms

Not available in MD, MN, MT, NH, NM, NY, UT, WA

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