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Hospital Indemnity

The number one reason for people filing for bankruptcy for many years has been due to medical expenses. Unfortunately, most of these people, over 60%, actually had health coverage. Also, studies have shown for years that most people don’t have enough money to pay their deductible.

What would happen if you or a family member had a stay in the hospital and you had a $1000 deductible, or higher? Well, that’s where our hospital indemnity plan, or Flexcare comes into play.

The money that is paid out from the policy is paid directly to the policyholder to pay for any thing they might need it for. The money may be used to pay unpaid medical bills, house payment, car payment, or anything else it may be needed for.

Maternity coverage is also included. So, if you plan on starting or adding to your family, this is a great benefit to help cover your deductible and/or buy lots of diapers.

Three levels of coverage on the hospital indemnity plan are offered, High, Medium and Low Plans. All the other benefit amounts pay out the same in all levels.

Benefits Include:

  • Hospitalization Benefit: Individual may choose $1,000, $2,000 or $3,000 in lump sum payment if they are admitted to hospital. The $1,000 benefit is the Low Plan, the $2,000 is the Medium Plan, and the $3,000 is the High Plan.
  • Hospital Confinement Benefit: Pays an additional $100 per day each day for being admitted to the hospital for up to 365 days. Benefit is paid in addition to the Hospitalization Benefit.
  • Wellness Benefit: Pays $50 per year per insured for going to the doctor for any reason.
  • Rehabilitation (Continuous Care) Benefit: Pays $100 per day for the length of the preceding period of confinement, up to a maximum of 15 days, if a covered person requires rehabilitation services following hospitalization for a covered accident or illness.
  • Waiver of Premium: After you have been confined to a hospital for more than 30 continuous days, we will waive the premium for the policy and any attached riders for as long as you remain confined to a hospital or are receiving benefits for Continuous Care.
  • Maternity Coverage Included: After the policy has been in force for ten months, normal childbirth in a hospital will be covered as well. If covered person is currently pregnant at time of enrollment, then has complications to childbirth, then the plan will pay accordingly before the ten months is up. So, if you can, wait a couple of months after the effective date before you start trying to add to your family.
  • Plan is Guaranteed Issue: No health questions.

Available Ages: 18 – 65

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