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Guaranteed / Simplified Life Insurance up to $150,000

Life insurance provided is term insurance with a five-year band. So, if individual enrolls at the very beginning of the age band, then they would basically have the same rate guarantee for almost five years.

After 12 months, the Term Insurance purchased here can be converted into permanent Whole Life Insurance. Once converted, the rate will be locked in for life. This is an important feature as the Term Insurance does increase in price for each 5-year age bracket but, once converted, the Whole Life premium will never increase and the policy will remain inforce as long as you pay your premium even if you become un-insurable later on.

Coverage includes Waiver of Premium benefit. Should the insured be unable to work for 6 consecutive months due to disability, then American National will pay the premiums until the insured is able to return to work.


  • Individual must work a minimum of 20 hours per week.
  • Individual qualifies for 2 times their annual salary.

Ages Accepted: 18 – 69 is Guaranteed Issue. Ages 18 - 84 is Simplified Issue.

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